The mission of Instructional Design and Academic Technology is to promote student success through faculty development. We are guided by key principles that shape our approach:

  • Goal-oriented technology use: We believe that effective technology integration begins with establishing clear goals before selecting the appropriate tools.

  • Student-centered teaching: We prioritize what students should know and be able to do, which drives both the content and instructional methods employed.

  • Designing for excellence: We recognize that anything worth doing well is worth designing first, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful planning and preparation.

  • Embracing the art and science of teaching: We celebrate the creativity and innovation involved in teaching, encouraging the exploration and implementation of unconventional ideas in the classroom.

Our dedicated team of educational professionals is committed to prioritizing learning and teaching over the use of tools and tricks. We offer a range of services, including instructional design, assessment strategies and design, teaching methodologies, and technology selection and utilization.


Instructional Design Support

Academic Technology Support